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Nitor is surveying the State of Agile in Finland together with the University of Helsinki

How agile is Finland? We decided to research the situation together with the University of Helsinki. Now is your chance to make your voice heard!

One question we are often asked during our trainings is “how widely agile methods are used in Finland”? At the moment, this question is difficult to answer because there is little researched information available and the situation is constantly changing.

Version One is the longest-running global agile survey. The company has been studying agile method usage already for 12 years.

According to the latest results, the main findings were as follows:

  • organization culture matters (most significant challenge for agile adoption and scaling organization is an organization culture that is at odds with agile values 53%)

  • agile is expanding within the enterprise (97% of respondents used agile methods, and 25% stated that all their teams were agile and 98% of adoptions were reported as successful)

  • customer satisfaction is of utmost importance (customer satisfaction was ranked as number one measure of agile projects by 46%).

The study also found out that 56% used Scrum which makes Scrum the most used agile method, and SAFe is most popular method for scaling agile (29%). From agile techniques, the Daily stand-up was most used (90%) and from engineering practices the unit testing (75%).

Even though Version One 12th State of Agile Survey Report is really interesting, the typical further questions I get asked are:

  • How well are Finnish companies represented in these results? ( 27% of the respondents were from Europe)

  • Are the agile adoption experiences similar or different over here? (We have no research data available, but many mention challenges with organization culture)

  • How thoroughly good research practices were followed in this research, as the survey was done by an independent survey consultancy? (The last thorough research on agile methods in Finland was done six years ago.

Cooperation with the University of Helsinki guarantees high quality. The research questions are evaluated carefully and examined by the University. We will handle the response data and research results according to common scientific practises, and single respondents will not be connected to research results.

Take part in the survey

The survey is now live and can be found here. We hope that as many people as possible would participate in this survey, so you are very welcome to share this link also with your colleagues!

Answering the survey will take no more than 10 minutes. This survey is also responsive: some of your answers may trigger further questions.

The survey will be available until December 16. We will draw a winner for a new iPhone Xs among the people who have given their contact information.

Voit vastata kyselyyn myös suomeksi!

Our aim is also to repeat this survey regularly in the future.

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